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See the Sights in the Southwest and California Like a Rock Star

A new travel company wants to take you to your next outdoor adventure in a tour bus packed with resort-style comforts and rock star amenities.

The kind of tricked-out buses associated with rock-star tours will drive a new kind of road trip with the launch of the travel company Roadies.

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You Can Now Take a Road Trip on a Tour Bus Built for Rock Stars

It’s every groupie’s dream come true.

We love a good road trip as much as the next person. But there are certain aspects to road travel — cramped quarters and a lack of facilities, to name a few — that can make the experience less than ideal.

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Road trip like a rock star in California

Roadies is a new tour company that lets you see America’s West Coast like a star. We’ve all probably dreamt of kicking back in a celebrity-worthy motor coach and pulling up in one destination after the next rock-and-roll style. A new California-based travel company called Roadies is offering a similar experience, with A-list kitted-out coaches, not for stars, but for groups of traveling friends and families.

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4 Cool Ways to See California by Bus

The Golden State boasts 840 miles of stunning coastline, nine must-visit national parks, and 480-plus cities, all waiting to be explored. It’s this limitless potential for adventure that makes California the ultimate road trip destination. But sometimes, you want to sit back, relax, and let someone else do the driving.

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Roadies Hits The Air Waves

Roadies Co-Founder and Chief Adventurer Mark Wills, was interviewed live on RMWorldTravel – America’s #1 Travel Radio Show. The show has a weekly audience reach in excess of 1 million via 410+ affiliated weekly network stations.


These Vacations by Deluxe Bus Are Hotel-Meets-Road Trip Perfection

Summer vacation is about to get waaaaaay more interesting thanks to this new road trip operator.

For decades, Americans have toured the country via the great highways and winding roads, exploring notable sights like national parks and standout cities, and discovering unexpected destinations along the way.

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A Week In A Luxury Coach Captures Everything Sacred About Road Trips

It’s 4:45 am on a luxury coach in the middle of the desert. The curtain in my bunk opens and I’m awoken by a hand on my shoulder and a familiar (if exceedingly excited) voice saying, “We’re here! We’re here!” I scramble down out of my bunk, delirious from the two hours of sleep I managed the night before, and run to get my backpack. I rush out of the coach to a strangely empty, but familiar, parking lot. I start running — both to warm my bare legs (it’s unexpectedly cold), and to make sure I don’t miss the big show.

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Take a West Coast road trip in a bus built for rock stars

Road trippers who want to experience the life of a rock star can soon take their own luxury tour bus around the West Coast. Roadies is a new tour company that will take groups on a road trip to some amazing places in California, Nevada and Arizona without anyone from your party having to drive. Perfect for anyone looking to live out an Almost Famous-inspired dream, the coaches are modelled on how stars travel with a lot of modern amenities. Each coach has 11 sleeping pods so you can bring all your friends along, as well as flat screens, Wi-Fi, books, games and of course, snacks. There’s even a bathroom and shower, so you don’t have to worry about staying clean along the way.

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This Company Wants to Put Together a Next-Level Road Trip for You and Your Friends

“So, me and my buddies went on this road trip …”

Few phrases captivate an audience quite like those 10 simple words. Since the days of Odysseus, there is no type of journey that is more revelatory, definitive, or downright hilarious than one that involves a couple of friends, an open mind, and the stops, for better or worse, between “Point A” and “Point B.”

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For new tour company, buses serve as the rolling hotel

Roadies, a new Los Angeles-based travel company, launched Monday as a road trip-style tour concept whereby passengers overnight in a luxury motorcoach outfitted with sleeping quarters.

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Travel Like A Rock Star with Roadies

Roadies is a new experiential travel company set to transform the road trip concept and inspire travelers to rediscover the true meaning of exploration. A Roadies journey is complete with authentic experiences curated by the friendliest of Tour Managers on a luxury motor coach that is built for rock stars but designed for travel with friends or people from all around the world. Roadies takes the planning and driving out of the road tripand reimagining the road trip with luxury and experiences that provide legendary stories.

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Before rockstars flew on private planes and attended daily personal-training sessions and refrained from eating gluten, there was the tour bus. It was big. It was mysterious. And it was the most opulent and venerable way to travel about these United States.
And now it’s getting a revival, thanks to Roadies, the company that ferries intrepid travelers around the American Southwest aboard lavishly appointed.

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New Tour Company Roadies Debuts for Millennial Market Road Trips

A new travel company has launched that is reimagining the road trip. Roadies says it wants to inspire millennial travelers to rediscover the true meaning of exploration with journeys curated by tour managers on a luxury motor coach built for rock stars but designed for travel with friends or people from all around the world.

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