Thank you. Your feedback has been helping us shape the future of Roadies, which is absolutely essential for a new company like ours.  One of the things we’ve heard A LOT is – can I bring my kids, my mom, my grandkids?  Up until now, the answer was no. But then we realized a family-friendly tour with Roadies may be exactly what the world needs.

We’re excited to announce the Sunshine & Lights Tour, the family-friendly road trip.

San Diego, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Joshua Tree, Grand Canyon and Las Vegas – family style.  You’ll have the opportunity to explore, hike, swim, shop, eat, and play in these iconic locations without any of the hassle of planning it or driving.  Let us do the hard work while you relax and spend time on a family vacation that everyone in the family can enjoy (including the parents!).  No diapers though, kids must be at least 10 years old. And for you adults who, as much as you love talking Mindcraft and Fortnite with a few 10-year-olds, would rather be kicking back with the over 21 crowd,  we still have you covered. The Hot  N’ Spicy Tour, our adults only trip, has been constructed with you in mind.  Explore the Southwest with your friends (both new and old), do some hard-core hiking or even take a cannabis excursion in Palm Springs. Thanks again for all of the great feedback and please, keep it coming!  We have a few seats left in July and August, book today before we sell out.

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